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Sarmad ICT with use of youth and motivated engineers try to solve problems with IT solutions by the help of most updated methods , Please visit all parts of our site. Here is our areas of activity

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Goals and Records of Sarmad ICT

The main idea of the Sarmad was formed in 1392, where the creative and active students from prestigious universities in Iran came together and with the help of IT solutions solve problesm.

Our main activities :

  • Web Development , Android Apps , ...
  • Consulting & Services in the field of Internet Businesses
  • Game Programming and Apps
  • Design Smart Educational , Scientific , Administrative Systems and ...
Web Development
Android & iOS Apps
Augmented Reality
Design Games
Our Team
Mohsen Hariri
Reza Azami
Amirreza Moradi
Manager of Web Department
Mohsen Morshedi
Manager of Mobile Department
Sina MohammadZadeh
Web Developer
Hamidreza Almasi
iOS Developer
Erik Valijani
Web & Game Developer
Mahsa Monazzami
Web Developer
Padideh Horoufchin
Java Developer
Shadi Shafighi
Java Developer
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 North Amirabad ,MozafariKhah St. ,Arasreh Allay ,No 3. ,Unit 5 & 6

Call During Office Hours: 8 AM to 5 PM

   Our Experiences
Our Experiences

Augmented Reality

Learning & Analyzing Projects

Augmented reality & Virtual reality are The Most updated methods for building Applications that day by day is getting noticed more. Our Team has been studied libraries and documents in this field and also developed some apps to implement these studies.


SEO Research & Analyze

Analyze Websites Contect Quality

Today , Ranking websites by google is important and respect to this researches and tutorials has been done in this field. SEO expert , always trying to evaluate the contents of your websites.


Analyzeing Game Engines

Build an exciting game

This work started when playing game and game market welcomed by users. Out team uses Unity and Construct engines to build exciting games for all platforms.


Functional & update Programming Langiage

Our goal: Diversity To Prevent Restrictions

One point that distinguish out work compare to others is that we are using variety of programming languages to do projects , this work has been done with the goal of do all projects. Our team has experties in these fiels : PHP , Java , Swift , C# , ...


Web programming

Laravel Framwwork %
Wordpress %
HTML 5 %
CSS 3 %
JS %

Mobile Programming

Java %
C# %
Android %
Swift %
Xamarin %
Unity %
construct %

Other Technologies

Mysql %
  Our Favorites

What we are interested in ?

Sarmad software team works in various fields, the purpose of this section is to introduce our favorite feilds to get to know us more.

Android Apps
Game Design
Web Development
Counseling Activity
SEO Analyze
iOS Apps


  • Answer :


    When you share your idea with us, by contracting "confidentiality and non-disclosure", the company is legally obliged to restructure and replicate your plan and idea, in accordance with the contract. All employees and employees of the company have signed the "Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure" Contract, and the trusted designs and ideas of the customers are based on a legal contract.

    Morally and professionally:

    We will never sacrifice short-term profit for long-term profit, our capital is the trust of our customers, and the best market for us is satisfied customers.

  • Answer :

    Technical development costs include: Designing user interface, server development and web development

    Overhead costs

    The company's profit is about 20% of the cost.

    A few examples:

    Snapp software development

  • Answer :

    In such cases, when the customer is ready to carry out the project, and the project must be delivered in a timely manner, we will change the priority of the current projects, and we will consider more than usual for the project.

  • Answer :

    Doing a project does not end exclusively with the technical design and development phase. After the technical development and preparation of the product or service required by the customer, the training phase, troubleshooting, support and maintenance begin.

    Training phase: Upon completion of the technical development of the project, all training is given to the user or users for the use of the project, for example, if the project, the design of an Internet website or an information portal, is taught to users of the system's instructions.

    Fix stage: Usually, after completing the technical development phase, minor issues occur in the implementation of the project, eliminating these defects from the obligations of our collection.

    Support and maintenance: After the customer prepares a product or service, a customer contract is called under maintenance and maintenance contracts, in which cases the maintenance and possible changes to the project are discussed.